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Do you ever feel like turning into a massive green monster and destroying everything in sight? …We’ll today we’ve got just the game for you! Now you can stop hanging around labs in hopes of getting caught up in an explosion of gamma radiation…😅

Watch Yo! Back is a game about a mega pixelated dinosaur with the power to Crush, Smash, and Destroy everything it touches! Set in a tiny pixelated city where the tiny people who live in your smartphone live and work, your mission in this game is to destroy everything!

Played using a simple set of (Touch Controls) to change the direction in which your player moves by 90º left or right, your player in this game is almost indestructible!

Unless you foolishly allow one of the many brave Police Cars, Police Trucks, Military Tanks, etc. to ram you from behind, you are pretty much indestructible! The only way you can die other than getting hit from behind – thus the title Watch Yo! Back – is to jump into one of the insanely deep ponds that can be found around town.💧

With an abundance of different monsters, we mean “characters” for you to unlock, a simple gameplay system, and just like any great game, a minimal number of ads to block you from your gameplay, Watch Yo! Back is a game we highly recommend you take a look at before you transform into The Hulk…😡

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The Conclusion

Have you gotten crushed one too many times on Crossy Road? Think it’s about time you paid back the crazy drivers who don’t slow down for a poor chicken trying to cross a mega highway without getting run over? It’s payback time…😈

Want to give Watch Yo! Back a try? The download link is just below😉

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