Twisted Pinball – Pinball with a twist

by JollyApps, the developers of Twisted Pinball


Everyone knows and loves the classic, retro arcade game Pinball, which is why I decided to recreate everyone’s favorite childhood game, just with a twist…

For anyone that enjoys the arcade games Rider or Dune, Twisted Pinball is a game you are going to enjoy! If you want a fun and enjoyable game, (you can play during those spare five minutes during your day) then Twisted Pinball is the game for you!

This game is perfect for young children, all the way up to adults and seniors.

How to play?

Twisted Pinball is very simple and straightforward.

After you click on the “PLAY” button in the main menu screen, the game will load. Using the flippers at the bottom of your screen, your mission in this game is to hit the diamond on the screen with the ball before time runs out. If time runs out, then it is GAME OVER for you. You’ll also have to make sure the ball doesn’t hit the spikes at the bottom or else GAME OVER. The more points you achieve, the harder the game gets!


Twisted Pinball has both a leaderboard and achievements.

The leaderboard allows for players to see all of the top scores from players all around the world. The leaderboard also allows for players to compete against their friends for the top score. Achievements can be unlocked for completing certain tasks within the game. You can also share your scores and accomplishments to many different social media platforms by clicking on the “Share” button.



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