‘Trump Invader’ for the iOS – The Pussy Grabs Back!

KG Stunts, the developers of Trump Invader


Trump Invader


We are living in difficult times. Today more than ever, we need a way to cope with the realities of our world. Luckily, there are many options for us to do so. For starters, there is screaming, chocolate, puppies, and even expensive massages.

If these aren’t working for you, you can even take part in an epic battle against Trump and his army of space robots! ‘Trump Invader’ allows players to help Whiskers avenge our planet by breaking walls, crushing minions, blasting coal mines, and fighting the man himself. We can’t promise ‘Trump Invader’ will change the world, but we can assure you it will definitely make you feel good.

How to play?

Players beware: toppling an empire is simple and addictive. To play, you press the left side of the screen to jump across space platforms and tap the right side of the screen to shoot rainbow blasters. Master these controls and you will be on your way to commanding the entire platoon.

Pro-Tips: Holding the jump button allows you to jump higher. Controlling your jumps is the secret to making your lives count. Also, jumping on robots leads to ultimate satisfaction.


If you still aren’t convinced, you can also:

-Earn covfefe (coffee) for extra lives & content
-Unlock additional cats to join your army
-Explore the twists and turns of our infinite runner engine
-Run and jump your way across space and time
-Updates coming soon!



About – KG Stunts

KG Stunts is a brand-spankin’ new studio and ‘Trump Invader’ is our first game launch. We’re die-hard gamers with a shared goal of developing simple and addictive games everyone can enjoy. Follow ‘Trump Invader’ on social channels for updates and more fun. And join us on the battlefield today!

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