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Tower Dash by BoomBit, an amazingly simple game, with an awesome concept and amazing features to back it all up. 

Ok, so usually the word “Dash” is used with some form of “running”. Well, in the case of Tower Dash, it doesn’t, but that’s okay, because this game is simply awesome! Obviously inspired by The Amazing Spider Man Tower Dash is a simple yet amazing game you seriously need to try.

The game begins with you the player between two jagged walls. By tapping and holding on the screen of your device, you can fire a web or rope, depending on what you’d like to call it, at one of the walls and quickly pull yourself up off the ground and toward the wall. If you hold for too long your character will slam into the wall and die, so before that happens you’ll need to release and fire again. By rapidly repeating these steps you can quickly make your way up the jagged walls without actually crashing into anything.

Now, this game is already pretty cool. What makes it awesome, is that it is fully multiplayer!

As long as you are connected to the internet you can compete with other players around the world any-time. It really is an amazing feature to add to such a simple game. Obviously there is also a single player mode for people who would rather play on their own, but we found this little add-on to be a really cool feature we really didn’t expect.

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The Conclusion

So, all you kids who never grew up (That’s our whole team…) here’s the game you’ve always been waiting for! Finally you can become a real spiderman!

We look forward to battling it out with you guys in multiplayer mode…


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