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Touchdowners by Colin Lane Games - Review



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Touchdowners by Colin Lane Games

“Stupid games are often the best games you could ever download.” Do you agree? If so, today we’ve got a game you need, not want or should, but need to check out!

Can you remember way back to our review of Dunkers, also by Colin Lane Games? Dunkers was a rather stupid basketball game about some very long armed players with skills that matched those of an oversized duck playing basketball for the first time.

Touchdowners is a game about football featuring pretty much the same stupidly awesome players now dressed in full-on tackle-proof gear and ready to make you laugh😂

Played using a simple set of on-screen controls to move your frantic team of 3 either left or right across the screen of your device. Your mission in this game is to somehow or another gain control over an extra bouncy football, and score 3 touchdowns before your equally ridiculous looking opponents beat you to it.

Featuring 3 main game modes, Career, Arcade, and 2 Player mode, this game fits into pretty much every situation so long as you are permitted to laugh out loud every once in a while… Probably not the best game to play at a boring funeral…😉

With an abundance of players, you can unlock for an actually manageable 100 Coins!, a slightly modernized set of pixelated graphics and a gameplay system that isn’t far from being totally chaotic(!), this is a game we’d recommend to any humor seeking gamer currently in need of a laugh.

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The Conclusion

Are you a devoted football fan who believes football should never be made fun of 😠‼️
…if so, chances are this isn’t the game for you…

Otherwise, Touchdowners is a fast, fun, and 100% free game designed to make you laugh!
Want to give Touchdowners a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following


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