Tiny Striker: World Football – One of our favorite games now in 3D!

Tiny Striker: World Football by Fat Fish Games - Review




Tiny Striker: World Football by Fat Fish Games

Are you a devoted fan of ridiculous soccer games? If so, today we’ve got something exciting for you! …Tiny Striker is back, and it’s now in 3D…!

Tiny Striker: World Football is the latest version of Tiny Striker, the most ridiculously awesome soccer game we’ve ever featured on Edamame Reviews. Based around the simple concept of shooting as many goals as possible within a given amount of time, the moment you start this game all reality is pretty much thrown out the window.

Featuring some of the most insane – and rather impossible – curve shots, power shots, wind utilizing double curve shots, everything that would normally seem impossible is pretty much just a part of everyday life in the world of Tiny Striker.

…this is where Tiny Striker previously ended, but with Tiny Striker: World Football this is only just the beginning…

Now featuring sponsors, upgradable player skills, interchangeable equipment, and a constantly updating feed of replays from players around the world, Tiny Striker: World Football is loaded with features you are bound to enjoy!

On top of all this, Tiny Striker: World Football is now fully 3D allowing for a much more immersive, yet equally ridiculous and enjoyable experience.

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The Conclusion

All in all, it pretty much boils down to personal preference. To an extent, some of us actually enjoy the original Tiny Striker’s simplicity over the newer version’s features… What you play is entirely up to you.

That said, one thing is for certain. If you need a ridiculously awesome soccer game to pass the time, chances are you’ll enjoy one of these two games

Want to give Tiny Striker: World Football a try? The download link is just below😉

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