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The Pit by Ketchapp; A joy to play.

Has it ever occurred to you just how many times you’ve ordered a “Plain Vanila Ice Cream?” The Pit by Ketchapp is one of those games you just keep coming back to over and over again…

Viral games actually aren’t all that rare. Almost every week there’s a new game everyone wants! …and a week later, everyone’s forgotten about it… Finding a game that “sticks” – finding a game that’s still addictive a week later – is actually pretty hard. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of the “stickiest” games available; The Pit.

The Pit is an insanely well built game. The graphics feature an awesome 2D/3D effect, the controls are new but yet simple, and the characters are cute and cuddly. Honestly there’s not much more you could ask for, but on top of all this, the gameplay is insanely addictive.

Why this game is so addictive we don’t know – actually we’ve got a pretty good guess in (The Conclusion) below – but if you’re in need of a simple tap and play game while you wait for your bus, this is the game!

Your mission is simple, “Tap” and “Hold” to slide under obstacles overhead, and “Single Tap”and “Double Tap” to “Single Jump” and “Double Jump” over obstacles on the ground. Pretty standard runner game controls, except for one interesting feature. When you release a slide your player will automatically jump up, allowing you to slide under an obstacle, and instantly jump over another! Though subtle, we believe little features like these add to this game’s addictiveness.

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The Conclusion

If addictiveness is everything in your eyes, this game is for you. Just be forewarned, you may miss your bus…

The reason for this game’s insane level of addictiveness is probably due to the fact that it’s actually playable. A lot of the time games are titled “Insanely Hard” or “Impossible” and most of the time, they are. The Pit on the other hand is playable, even the average player, will – on a good run – quite easily get a good 1 minute of fun out of this game before having to start over. This is more than likely the reason it’s so addictive.


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