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The Opposite by Anaro Games - Review



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The Opposite by Anaro Games

Some games are designed to help you succeed, some games are designed to make you fail, and still other games are simply designed to fool you…

The Opposite is an ever so carefully crafted game designed to fool you in the most frustrating ways imaginable. Set on a simple stage of red and white, this game is cloaked under a veil of simplicity so perfect, it will fool even the sharpest of gamers…

Played using a responsive set of (Touch and Drag) controls near the bottom edge of your screen, colored in “Red”, at first your mission in this game seems to be to avoid a number of different “Red” obstacles that rain down from the “White” side above… In reality, it is pretty much the “opposite!”

Although this isn’t 100% true, it is safe to say that the entire top half of your screen, (colored in “White”), is pretty much a distraction designed to tear your attention away from the true threat befalling you!

As a falling “Red” obstacle enters into the bottom end of your screen, (colored in “Red”), The position and color of the obstacle are seamlessly inverted creating the illusion that an obstacle suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Although The Opposite isn’t too hard to play, “So long as you focus on the bottom screen instead of the one above”, this is still a shockingly difficult game to play and will stump you over and over again…

The Conclusion

With a unique set of Red and White graphics, a slightly confusing UI, (probably because the white text begins to look like enemies…) and 2 game modes to struggle though, The Opposite is packed with puzzling new features you’ll probably either love or hate…

So, now that you know the secret of this impossible monster of a game, do you have what it takes to conquer The Opposite?

There is only one way to find out… The download link is just below😉

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