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The Eternal by Appcandy


Do you remember a game called Swing Copters? Created by the developer of Flappy Bird, Swing Copters was – in short – just as annoyingly difficult as Flappy Bird. (If not worse…) Today we’ve got a game that is similar, but different at the same time…

The Eternal is a beautiful 3D game set in a “not so beautiful” dungeon filled with traps, treasure, and of course skeletons…💀  Your mission in this game is to guide a floating blob-like creature though winding trap filled passages in search of crystals without touching anything.

Although way more beautiful graphics-wise than the majority of games with similar concepts, the coolest part of this game isn’t in the graphics.

The Eternal is actually easy to play! Using simple tap controls, (Tap on the left side of the screen to jump up in a leftward direction, and on the right to jump up/right) this game is simple and easy to understand, but more importantly, for players who have played a lot of “impossible games” lately, this game isn’t “frustratingly addictive”, it is “simply fun!”

Now, although you may not think that this is such a big deal, if you carefully study the design of the dungeons, each tight bend, each difficult trap, each and every obstacle that could make this game impossible is tweaked to make the game challenging but far from impossible!

An incredible balance that could only have been achieved by careful calculations and an incredible devotion to quality.

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The Conclusion

Are you sick of losing? Think it’s about time you started winning? If so here’s the game for you!

As long as you are skillful enough to control a floating blob, this game is challenging in an enjoyable way.

Want to give The Eternal a try? The download link is just below😉

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