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The Ball Game by Panopera; the first ‘beautiful’ soccer game we’ve ever seen…

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Have you ever thought that soccer looked beautiful? Honestly, until we played The Ball Game, yes this is this game’s actual name, we had never thought of soccer that way, now things are a little different.

This super minimalist game, is simple, fun, beautiful, and was an amazing discovery for us. How we hadn’t heard of it until now is a mystery!

Played in a similar fashion to the super famous Flappy Bird, in this game you bounce a soccer ball over soccer cones by tapping on the screen, a little like a modified soccer drill. You are given a total of 2 taps each time your ball hits the ground, and by carefully adjusting the timing at which you apply this small boost to your ball, you can pretty much land the ball anywhere you want, and the rest is left to physics.

This lack of surprises aimed to throw you off is probably our favourite part about this game. Most new games now use unfairly strong or large obsticles to make themselves difficult, in the case of this game there is nothing of the sort, it is purely based on your ability to judge timing.

Also, for anyone who cares about graphics, the graphics you’ll find in this game probably won’t disappoint even the strictest critics. Though simple, with no crazy effects or explosions in the background, (Seriously, it’s a soccer game…) the simple beauty and attention to small details you’ll find in this game give it an overall natural beauty, a beauty quite different to that of the eye catching explosions found in most action games.

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The Conclusion

If you’d like to play a slow paced, simple and beautiful game where your skill level actually counts, this is one of the most amazing games we’ve had the chance to review.

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