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Tap Titans by Game Hive; face off massive enemy titans in this amazing tapper quest…

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There are quite a few games available now that literally only require the player to tap on the screen of their device in order to play. No timing nor skill required. Tap Titans by Game Hive Corp is definitely one of the coolest of these types of games.

Cookie Clicker, Mucho Taco, and even Bitcoin Billionaire, are all tapper games. All you have to do is tap on the screen of your device, and the fun begins. In these types of games, it’s not the skilled, nor the wealthy, nor strong that win. It’s the one with the greatest persistence, the one who can focus all their energy into their index finger so as to tap just that little bit faster… Those are the ones who triumph in these types of games.

Since you’re going to focus all that energy and time into a single game, wouldn’t you rather play something that actually looks cool? Tap Titans, for a game that can be played by simply barraging your screen with your fingers, looks awesome!

Your main screen, which may actually be your only screen in this simple game, looks like a cut out of a full on battle scene from a high quality Role Play Game! Before you stands a massive monster you can slash into an infinite number of pieces by rapidly tapping on the screen of your device. Each monster you defeat gives you coins which you can use to power up your weapons, or hire helpers to assist you in battle. Either way you choose to go, this game is pretty awesome when it comes to graphics, and is no doubt the coolest of it’s kind.

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The Conclusion

If you believe skill, wealth, and strength are no match for persistence, this is a game where your persistence will be rewarded.

Quote – “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence” you can become that river…



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