Tap the Tower – Are you a multitasking genius!?

Tap the Tower by Armor Games - Review




Tap the Tower by Armor Games

Tap the Tower

When you have a lot to do and not much time to do it in, chances are you have made the decision to multitask. Although not always the smartest thing to do, having the ability to multitask is definitely an important thing… especially in video games…

Tap the Tower is a game about climbing a tower that looks remarkably similar to the last battle scene in the 2015 movie Pixels. Set on a blocky stage made of 3D pixel graphics, your mission in this game is to jump over, smash, and avoid, pretty much everything that is thrown at you… not easy…

With barrels that constantly rain down on you, barrels that roll down the stage toward you, lava that suddenly drops down from above, zombie-like enemies to avoid, and who knows what else, there sure are an awful lot of things to avoid in Tap the Tower. Luckily the controls in this game are simple and easy to use…

Played using simple swipe gestures to control all your player’s movements, you can move left, right, and even jump, all with the flick of a finger. This is great because your player in Tap the Tower will “almost always” be in a difficult situation that requires instant action to survive!

Lastly, as mentioned above, the graphics in this game are superb! Although Tap the Tower may be a little on the too difficult side of things for some players if you love the look of 3D pixel graphics, it’s well worth giving it a try😉

The Conclusion

With a number of different characters to unlock, nice high-quality 3D pixel graphics, and way too many obstacles to avoid(!), Tap the Tower is a game that will REALLY teach you how to multitask…

Ready to test out your multitasking skills? The download link is just below😉

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