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Have you ever considered drilling screws into wood fun? TAP TAP DRILL (by 2CM LABS) is a game that attempts to transform the action of drilling screws into wood, ice, microwaves, and more, into an addictive game you will actually choose to play. …and they actually did a surprisingly good job…

Starting out with just a few screws, your mission in this game is to screw down all sorts of strange objects using a high powered electric drill and some very colorful screws. Each of the many different screws in this game are colored from top to bottom in green, blue, and red. Each of the different zones symbolizes how far you need to drill in order to pass. (Red = Fail) (Blue = Ok) (Green = Great) (Nothing Visible = Perfect)

Basically, a “Chicken Race” played with screws and electric drills.😅

If you stop drilling too early and still have red visible GAME OVER, but if you drill for too long and split the wood you also GAME OVER…🤔 As you progress through the game, the blue and green zones on each of the screws gradually become smaller and smaller, forcing you to take greater and greater risks in order to achieve that highly coveted perfect 3-star score.

…then you are introduced to thick and thin screws that screw in at different speeds, making things even more complicated…

With an unspecified number of levels, over 50+ unique drills for you to unlock, and not too many Ads, which is great considering just how many times you are going to die trying to get a perfect score, TAP TAP DRILL is a fun little game we really enjoyed. Although the concept is incredibly simple, for some strange reason we find this very simple game unexplainably addictive.😅

Perhaps it is the haptic feedback that makes it seem as though you are actually drilling into something…?

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The Conclusion

For the people who work at IKEA, building display desks, shelves, stands, etc, all day for a living. TAP TAP DRILL may seem like a strange game to be exited about. However, imagining the millions of people who actually wanted to simulate the life of a demented goat(!), drilling into wood doesn’t exactly sound too crazy…😂

Want to give TAP TAP DRILL a try? The download link is just below.📲
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