Tap Galaxy – Mine, Build, and create your Galactic Empire!

Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine by Tiny Games - Review



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Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine by Tiny Games

Have you ever puzzled over the fate of humanity? Will humans destroy our small blue planet, forcing us to move in order to survive? Today we’ve got a game about a future that seems both bright and dark at the same time…

Tap Galaxy is a game about a not so distant(?) future where humans are forced to leave earth in search of a new planet they can call home. After stumbling upon a small “mostly” uninhabited planet with the resources to sustain life, your mission in this game is “not” to green your new found home like in Green the Planet, but to build a Galactic Mining Empire!

Played just like any other clicker/tapper game, Tap Galaxy is played by vigorously tapping on the screen of your device in order to mine for valuable gems you can use to purchase bigger and better mining gear you can use to collect more gems which can be used to… (Endless Loop)

Although based “only” on the information above creating a Galactic Mining Empire may seem easy, you can’t forget that your new found home is only “mostly” uninhabited… With massive alien monsters that attack your camp from time to time, your mission in this game consists of more than just setting up a mining station. You will be required to fight off massive alien monsters, send out probes in search of new planets, and flag down Amazon UFO’s carrying useful resources and items.

With high-end pixel graphics, cute characters (especially the mining droids), and a surprisingly addictive gameplay system there is only one feature we wish this game had. Although Tap Galaxy does feature an offline mining feature that will keep your sub-mining stations working even while you’re not playing the game, as far as we know there isn’t a way to keep your main base working without having the game open on your device.

While this definitely isn’t a deal breaker, an option for it in future would definitely be appreciated by gamers with less time to fully devote to one app.

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The Conclusion

Have you ever wanted to start your very own space colony on Mars? If so, you either watch way too much TV or your name happens to be Elon Musk… Either way, Tap Galaxy is a simple game you can play on and off but still get somewhere in the end.

Ready to start your space colony? The download link is just below😉

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