What the Taco is Catasaurus Rex? An infinite runner with heart, humor, and endless charm.


What do a rampaging dino-cat, a flatulent unicorn, and truckloads of tacos have in common? Nothing really, except they are all over this game. Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut is the first game from indie studio Red Kraken Apps. Based on a character created by the studio head’s 7-year-old daughter, Catasaurus Rex is an endless runner with humor, heart, and copious amounts of tacos.

Featuring simple gameplay, an adorable papercraft style, and several unique characters, Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut is the perfect addictive time-waster.

How to play?

Gameplay is simple. Choose a character, tap the screen to jump and avoid obstacles, or attack enemies and rack up points. Advance on the global leaderboard and watch your friends hang their heads in shame. Collect coins to buy hearts and keep your perfect run going or spin the wheel and get even more coins! Coins can be used to purchase even more characters. Each character features its own leaderboard and unique play style. Do you have what it takes to master them all?


– Fast paced, simple gameplay
– 4 unique, hilarious characters (with more on the way)
– No pay-wall or pay-to-win! Enjoy all the features by just collecting coins
– Global Leaderboards for each character
– Weekly leaderboard challenges coming Fall 2017
– Comic pages and sticker collecting coming soon!


Apple App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/catasaurus-rex-and-the-infinite-papercut/id1260015467
Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redkrakenapps.papercut

About Red Kraken Apps

Red Kraken Apps was formed in 2016 with designer/programmer Daniel Norman and private investors.

Daniel Norman is currently handling programming, design, and marketing for the studio. Truly an indie studio. The first studio game was developed around a character created by his 7-year-old daughter. His children also helped design some of the enemy characters, making Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut a family bonding experience (cue the ‘awwwww’). Red Kraken Apps has even more features to pack into Catasaurus Rex before moving to the next project (a puzzle game with dead things).

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