Swing King – Nitrome… Is that you…?

Swing King by Shedworks Digital - Review




Swing King by Shedworks Digital

You can’t hide it. Today we’ve got an awesome little game with the look, feel, and quality of a game published by Nitrome! …but is actually the first title published by a new indie studio known as Shedworks Digital!

Swing King (and the Temple of Bling) is a game about an extremely bouncy, gravity defying monkey-like creature, and a very fancy temple with a security system you won’t want to mess with! Set in a world that kind of reminds us of Leap Day, (thus the Nitrome reference), your mission in this game is to bounce your way around challenging levels in an attempt to make it to the next checkpoint in one piece.

The game is fairly straightforward and simple to play, (Touch and Hold) anywhere on the screen of your device to grab onto a swingable point, and (Release) to go flying away in whatever direction you are traveling.

Besides swing points, there are other objects you can make use of when moving around the stage such as super sticky spiderwebs and moving bricks or objects, but the game does a fairly good job of introducing you to these additional features as they come along…

Now, if we were to complain about one aspect of this super high-end game it would have to be the transitions! Every so often your player will move from one part of a large stage to another and die pretty much immediately. Although this is half due to our lack of skill it is also partially because of the overly snappy transitions that snap you into the new stage before you have time to register what is going on!

That said, Swing King is such an amazing game you would have to be crazy not to play the game just because of a few overly snappy transitions you’ll only ever experience in a few different levels…😅

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The Conclusion

Overall, Swing King is a fun little game with a solid gameplay experience and not too many ads. If you’re after a game with an awesome set of levels, great visuals, and none of the somewhat annoying “extra features” you either love or hate from other games, Swing King is a game we’d recommend to anyone with a Smartphone. That means everyone…😃

Want to give Swing King a try? The download link is just below

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