Super Sticky Bros – Dash, Jump, and Go Ballistic!

Super Sticky Bros by Zeyang Li - Review



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Super Sticky Bros by Zeyang Li

Do you feel this strange surge of excitement when you download a brand new game you weren’t expecting too much from, just to discover that you accidentally stumbled upon something totally awesome!? …What an introduction…😅

Super Sticky Bros is an extremely simple looking game with a gameplay system that may just blow you away! Set on a 2D platform that seems to extend down forever into the darkest depths of your smartphone, Super Sticky Bros is a platformer game you need to try.

Played using 3 large on-screen buttons to control your player, Super Sticky Bros is centered around a gameplay system similar to that of Leap Day by Nitrome, in that players are required to climb up the stage from checkpoint to checkpoint while collecting coins, crushing enemies, and avoiding deadly obstacles.

Although there are plenty of games that utilize this simple gameplay system to make some rather spectacular games, as far as we know none of them make use of the graphical processing power hidden on your smartphone quite like Super Sticky Bros.

Similar to the “Invincibility Stars” in Super Mario Bros, this game features a powerup that – for some unknown reason – completely and utterly overrides everything you see on the screen of your device, essentially morphing itself into a completely different game!

Although we have yet to discover all – or even most – of the crazy visual features in this game, the graphics alone are enough to make you want to explore the strange world of Super Sticky Bros.

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The Conclusion

Although this review only covered the graphics, the effects, and the visuals in this game😅Super Sticky Bros features a simple set of controls, an abundance of easily unlockable characters and much, much more for you to discover.

Ready to start your adventure? The download link is just below😉

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