Sticky Rolls – Ever Wanted To Be A Disaster…!?

Sticky Rolls by Crazy Labs - Review




Sticky Rolls by Crazy Labs

Sticky Rolls

Have you ever wondered what small actions you take could trigger a catastrophic disaster? Today we’ve got a game about an extremely sticky character, an unsuspecting city, and an abundance of objects to collect…💀

Sticky Rolls is a game about speedily rolling down the streets of a bustling city filled with random stuff for you to either collect or avoid. Set on the blocky 3D streets of a beautifully low poly city, which you are about to throw into the deepest depths of total turmoil and confusion, your mission in this game is to become the greatest ball of death and destruction this world has ever seen!!! 💀👽💀👽💩


Played using a simple set of (Touch Controls) to switch the angle in which you travel by 90º, Sticky Rolls is actually a surprisingly challenging game to play well enough to truly destroy the city you are in… Probably the reason the inhabitants don’t look too worried…

Littered over the road you roll down are random obstacles of all different shapes and sizes you either can or can’t collect. Judging whether or not you can collect an object is extremely simple thanks to the crosses❌ and checks✔️ displayed above each and every one of the obstacles littered over the road.

The more good✔️ obstacles you collect, the bigger and better your ball of destruction becomes, allowing you to collect bigger and bigger obstacles until eventually, you become truly unstoppable…!🔥

With a number of different characters for you to unlock, high-end graphics, and not too many ads to get in the way of your gaming experience, Sticky Rolls is a fast, fun and 100% free game for you to enjoy… Too bad it’s not on Android…😅

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The Conclusion

Have you dreamed of genetically modifying a budgie into a massive ball of stickiness and destruction you can use to ultimately take over the world!? …You watch way too many Anime😅 …Play more Video Games…😆🎮‼️

Want to give Sticky Rolls a try? The download link is just below.😉

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