SQUARCLE – Color Matching Madness!





When was the last time you mistook the Sun for the Moon… Never? Good, we don’t need to introduce you to a psychologist…

SQUARCLE is a simple game centered around matching same colored shapes in order to survive. Played using a set of squares and circles that never change color, this game doesn’t attempt to trick or mess with your brain in any way, meaning it should actually be fairly easy to play… In Theory…

Played using a simple set of (One Touch) controls to switch a colored shape positioned at the center of your screen, your mission in this game is to speedily switch between shapes (i.e. a Square and a Circle), in order to match the colored shapes that pass by the center of your screen.

So far so good. Although SQUARCLE starts out fairly simply, the game will soon speed up, forcing you to speedily switch between shapes, faster and faster as you attempt to keep your balance! Every so often a colored star-like shape will drift toward the center of the screen, rotating the game by 45º – 90º depending on the color, once it reaches the center.

With a clean, almost minimalist design, a simple-ish gamplay system and a minimal number of ads to disturb your gaming, SQUARCLE is a simple game you can simply download and enjoy.

Want to give SQUARCLE a try? The download link is just below😉

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