Sprnkls – Puzzle & Dragons minus the Dragons…

Sprnkls by The Frosty Pop Corps - Review



Sprnkls by The Frosty Pop Corps

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

Were you one of the many millions of players heavily addicted to a game called Puzzle & Dragons? If so, today we’ve got a game you will likely instantaneously recognize and play better than any of your friends who didn’t play Puzzle & Dragons…

Sprnkls is a game that is likely best described as Puzzle & Dragons minus the dragons. With no exiting quests, no dragons to collect, and no enemies to destroy, Sprnkls is purely a puzzle game centered around the exact same core game mechanic as Puzzle & Dragons.

For anyone who hasn’t played Puzzle & Dragons, Sprnkls is played by dragging a block (or puzzle piece) around a grid in order to swap the positions of different blocks and hopefully match up 3 or more pieces either vertically or horizontally. You will be required to match up a given number of Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Blue, pieces within a given number of moves in order to clear each level.

If you’re a puzzle game lover who has the patience to mentally go through all the different moves you could make in order to match up pretty much everything on the board, this is the game for you. With no time limit for you to worry about before you begin moving pieces, this game gives you all the time in the world, so long as you can quickly and accurately execute your master plan within the given time frame once you start…

Now, for action gamers who rely on their lightning-fast reaction time and surgically precise hand-eye coordination in order to achieve their greatness, there is still hope in Sprnkls!

Above every block you move around the grid is a small circle displaying the number of matching pairs currently on your board. By randomly scrambling the blocks on your board while keeping an eye on this number you can create 2, 3, or even 4 chain combinations within a matter of seconds without thinking about the moves you are making.

Although this is definitely not how the game was intended to be played, for action gamers wanting to show off their puzzle game skills, Sprnkls is a game you will seriously enjoy…

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The Conclusion

Whether you’re a puzzle gamer or an action gamer Sprnkls is a game with likely something in it for you. Featuring a simplistic design, a minimal number of Ads and a truly awesome method action games can use to achieve a high score, Sprnkls is a game we really enjoyed.

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  • Intuitiveness 7
  • Addictiveness 6
  • Graphics 8
  • Price 10

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