Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills by Tocapp Games – Introduction

A quick introduction to Sprint & Jump - Finger Skills by Tocapp Games

Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills (by Tocapp Games) is a casual platform style runner game for your iOS or Android device.

Available “right now” on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills is a game we could be taking a deeper look into on Edamame Reviews in the very near future!

Every one of your “comments” and “shares” on social media pushes Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills a step closer toward a full review on Edamame Reviews. Yes, you have permission to go crazy! 😝

With a comical 2D design, an unknown number of Ads, (since we have yet to review the game), and who knows what other cool things we will find under the hood! This is our quick introductory article with the developer of Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills.


The Pitch – by Tocapp Games

Sprint & Jump – Finger Skills is a race where you use your finger skills to jump over obstacles, sprint to overcome epic ramps & duck to avoid walls. This is a traditional platform game, but with some extra moves.

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