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Want to sponsor our next giveaway? Our readers can never get enough FREE Games or In-Game Items and would be overjoyed to play your next game! Sponsor our next giveaway and we will share up to 100 Promotion Codes with 100 of our lucky readers! (100% FREE)


One question we get a lot is: My game is FREE! I have nothing to giveaway ‼😭

This is only sometimes the case. If your FREE game offers IAP (In-App-Purchases) of any kind, both Apple and Google will provide you with 100 codes you can share with anyone you like!


Obvious question two: But what if my user doesn’t have my game installed on their device 

If a user doesn’t have your game installed on their device, your game will be automatically installed on the player’s device together with the IAP once the player redeems your Promotion Code.

More players for you, more FREE games and items for us. 😆

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Edamame Reviews is followed by a large number of industry influencers such as iOS and Android Developers, Publishers, Gamers, and Reviewers. Our audience cover a large fraction of the global mobile gaming industry, making our giveaways a great way to reach new arias of the mobile gaming market.

Price: FREE

Giveaway a maximum of 100 iOS or Android promotion codes at no cost!

As our systems are still in BETA, meaning we are still working on finding the most effective way to reach as many users as possible. We request that developers please share whatever information they can with our team.


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