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Advertising a mobile game is different from advertising any other product online, which is why we offer a unique and highly customizable system of advertising designed specifically for the mobile gaming platform.

By combining the unique advertising properties of the internets most popular advertising solutions, Engaging Content + Banner Advertising + Continues Updates, we not only help build interest among players, but we actually help you maintain that interest.



  • Sponsored Article

    An article written by the Edamame Team featuring your iOS and/or Android game. Sponsored Articles are closer to a showcase then they are a review, meaning they focus more on the good points (selling points) of your game rather than the negatives. We do not include a Star Rating or an Editor Rank in Sponsored Articles.

  • Banner Advertisement

    Banner Advertisements are everywhere. “Why?” Because they work! Have your game advertised “everywhere” on Edamame Reviews for a span of 1-month (28 days). JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF and Animated Gifs are all allowed and can be changed at any time!

  • Unlimited Updates

    The one thing that differentiates Mobile Games from Classic Games are the Updates. So that the information we share with our readers doesn’t go stale, we include an unlimited number of press-release articles (by default) for a span of 3-months! (84 days) Submit news about your game at any time, and have it published on Edamame Reviews!

    ※ Max: 1 Press-Release Article per day!
    ※ Your articles must be newsworthy. We won’t publish the same article multiple times or publish auto-generated content.


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