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SpaceTapTap by RawHand Studio - Review



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SpaceTapTap by RawHand Studio

Do you “want to be” a fan of One More Line by SMG Studio? Although an incredibly fun concept for a mobile game, for some One More Line is just a little too fast to enjoy… If you are one of these players, today we’ve got just the game for you!

SpaceTapTap is a shameless clone of One More Line with almost no difference in gameplay whatsoever. The only notable differences are, (1) The fact that the game is set in space. (2) No cool trail patterns left on on the stage… (3) A much more manageable speed!

For players who haven’t played One More Line. Both One More Line and SpaceTapTap are played on a stage dotted with points your player/rocket can swing around by (Tapping and Holding) on the screen of your device. This allows you to change the direction in which you move, create cool patterns, and avoid smashing into anything dangerous!

SpaceTapTap is basically One More Line minus the cool patterns and set at a much more manageable speed.

Although this is probably something we shouldn’t be overly excited about, SpaceTapTap features a nice set of flat design graphics, a fast and snappy gameplay system and even a number of different ships for you to unlock using the gems you can collect within the game.

Overall, SpaceTapTap is an incredibly well made “shameless clone” of One More Line – fans who couldn’t quite keep up with the blazing speed of the original – will likely enjoy.

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The Conclusion

Are you ready to set out on a slow and gentle space adventure – riding on a rocket that can’t turn left or right without spinning around a space probe? Personally, we’d rather ride on a proper rocket…😅

Want to give SpaceTapTap a try? The download link is just below.😉

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