Space Dog – Cute, Fast, Simple, and a little Boring…

Space Dog by Mcrony Games - Review



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Space Dog by Mcrony Games

Sometimes, “addictive” games can be evil… In situations that require you to stay focused while killing time, playing an addictive game that makes hours feel like minutes is probably the worst mistake you could ever make…

Although counting the number of fingers you have, “Just to make sure they haven’t increased overnight”, or simply staring at some random stranger are great ways to kill time, today we’ve got a game that will help you kill time without getting addicted or making you look like a lunatic.

Space Dog is a cute, simple, and surprisingly un-addictive space jumper game that will keep you entertained for as long as it takes for your boss, (i.e. your girlfriend) to finish shopping. Although the game isn’t bad, in fact, the graphics and small visual effects do a great job of bringing this simple game to life(!), for some reason you can simply pick it up and put it straight back down again without any hesitation.

Set in a remote corner of space littered with asteroids, your mission in this game is to help your little space puppy jump from asteroid to asteroid without accidentally jumping into nothingness, never to be seen again…

Played using simple touch controls to launch your puppy from asteroid to asteroid, this game is probably supposed to be addictive, but unfortunately, we just found it a great way to kill a few minutes without the fear of getting totally addicted.

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The Conclusion

Although this is most likely 100% not the way Space Dog was supposed to be played, if you’re in need of a game that won’t get you heavily addicted, this is the game for you.

Want to give Space Dog a try? The download link is just below😉

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