Snake Towers – The best “Update” you will ever play!

Snake Towers by Set Snail - Review


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Snake Towers by Set Snail

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

Can you remember back to a time when the only game on your “smartphone” was a pixelated game called Snake? If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and would like to play a remake of your first ever “smartphone” game, you can do that here. …but personally, we would rather play the “Update”…📲

Snake Towers is a game inspired by the classic game snake, only redesigned for modern smartphones – and players – in 2017. Set in a never-ending labyrinth of a tower, your mission in this game is to collect keys in order to unlock new rooms and explore further throughout the tower before inevitably dying… GAME OVER! 🐍

The controls are fairly simple, (Swipe Up, Down, Left or Right), in order to move in any direction, and by “accidentally” (Double Swiping) in any of the directions listed above  during a tricky maneuver you can easily speed up your snake and smash into something that promptly kills you.💀 Honestly, we hate this feature…😢

For anyone who has played any of the classic snake games where you are confined to a fixed square stage, the rules are still practically the same. Instead of collecting chunky square pixels you now collect the keys mentioned above in order to grow your snake, and there are a number of cool new power-ups you can collect which should make your life just a little easier… until you get cursed…😱

There are now more ways than ever to die! With cursed rooms that are pretty much designed to kill you by switching your controls, speeding up your snake, or distracting you in some annoying way, Snake Towers definitely isn’t the easiest game to master. Plus there are random obstacles that seem to be placed in just the right location at the right time to kill you…

All this said, for players who loved snake and who don’t mind too much about dying every once in a while, (i.e. every 30 seconds), Snake Towers is a great looking game with hardly any ads to spoil your gaming experience. We love it!

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The Conclusion

Whether you’re a fan of the classic snake game you found pre-installed on your old “Smartphone” or were too young to own a phone back in that glorious era of mobile telecommunication technology, Snake Towers is a game 99% of mobile gamers will likely find enjoyable in 2017.

Want to give Snake Towers a try? The download link is just below.📲
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  • Intuitiveness 9
  • Addictiveness 9
  • Graphics 9
  • Price 10