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Smatch by The Mascoteers - Review



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Smatch by The Mascoteers

How fast is your reaction time? In a lot of games, a speedy reaction time and perfect hand-eye coordination are the keys to success! …not in Smatch… In fact, the “faster” you are, the harder this game becomes…👾

Smatch by The Mascoteers is a very smooth game – graphically – to say the least. Based on a rather commonly used concept of, (shoot same colored balls at rotating same colored segments on a circle), most players should figure out how to play this game within a matter of seconds! Seriously it isn’t hard…

If you accidently shoot a different colored segment or shoot into the endless abyss surrounding your circle, (i.e. you don’t hit anything), Game Over! Also, every now and then stars will appear which can be shot to collect points you can use to buy new themes.

At this point, you may be wondering, “So when does this game become difficult?”, and our answer would be it doesn’t… until someone with a speedy reaction time starts playing…

As we stated above, Smatch has extremely smooth graphics – which look awesome – but make it extremely difficult to mentally segment off into separate parts due to their fluid motion. This means that when firing colored balls at the same colored segments it is actually surprisingly difficult to judge just how large each segment you are firing at is, and how much is going to vanish with each hit.

For a careful player, this is fine. All you do is take more time and care with each shot. …But when in the hands of a speed based gamer… Often you’ll find yourself accidentally shooting faster than the rotating segments can move in, meaning your ball will shoot past everything, hit nothing, and… GAME OVER!!!

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The Conclusion

If you’d like an action game where slow and careful players rule, this is it.

With beautiful fluid animations, nice little effects, and a relatively long time limit. This simple yet challenging game may just be what you’ve always been waiting for.

Want to give Smatch a try? The download link is just below😉

…For speedy players, this may be the perfect game to practice slowing down…

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