Smashy Road: Arena – But officer, it’s just a bomb!?

Smashy Road: Arena by Bearbit Studios - Review



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Smashy Road: Arena by Bearbit Studios

Have you ever seen someone lugging something on the roof of their car that they probably shouldn’t have been? Smashy Road: Arena is a game about one such guy who was “wrongly accused” of carrying an illegal weapon on the roof of his small car. Seriously! He was only carrying a “small” bomb!? 💣

If you’ve enjoyed playing the high-speed car chase games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews up until now, chances are you’ll enjoy playing Smashy Road: Arena. Based on the popular game Smashy Road: Wanted, (which we haven’t yet reviewed), the only 2 major differences between these two games is that Smashy Road: Arena is set in a small world with bounds, (i.e. an arena), and your car has a bomb mounted on the roof…

Obviously driving the streets with a bomb mounted to the roof of your car is illegal, and so Police Cars, Police Monster-Trucks, Police-Helicopters, FBI-Cars, FBI Monster-Trucks, FBI Helicopters, Military Trucks, Military Helicopters, Assault Personnel, etc. will attack you from every direction imaginable! …and so they should…😓

The game is played by tapping on the left side of your screen to turn left and on the right to turn right, plus two extra buttons. The first button is a “FIRE!” button which can be used to fire your bomb at your pursuers, and the second button activates whatever items you may pick up. (Bombs, Boosters, Sheilds, etc.)

Set in a Crossy Road style blocky 3D world with plenty of obstacles to crash into, almost every time you restart the game you will spawn into a different world with the same spatial dimensions but a completely different theme. Sometimes you’ll start out in the city, while other times you’ll start out in the countryside, or even in a world made of cake and chocolate! Crazy, but still Awesome!

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The Conclusion

Do you love the thrill of being pursued? If so, Smashy Road: Arena is a game you really need to try.

With an insane number of pursuers, lots of crazy weapons, and plenty of cars to unlock, this game will last you a while…

Want to give Smashy Road: Arena a try? The download link is just below😉

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