Smashy Brick – Breakout in Glorious Low-Poly 3D!

Smashy Brick by Bulldozer Games - Review



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Smashy Brick by Bulldozer Games

Are you a long time fan of the classic game Breakout? If so, congratulations because today we’ve got another, yes another Breakout game – two days in a row – for you to enjoy!

Unlike Ballz by Ketchapp which we reviewed yesterday, Smashy Brick takes a more traditional route to making this classic game great once again on mobile. Played using a drawable trampoline you can use to slingshot your player, your mission in this game is to smash every destroyable brick on the screen within a given number of shots.

This modified control system makes playing the game super simple and easy to manage on a smartphone but isn’t actually all that new or original😕 Where this game really starts to shines is in the graphics!✨

Featuring a brand new set of low-poly 3D graphics, Smashy Brick is definitely one of the best looking Breakout remakes we’ve seen for mobile. With over 120 levels to complete and 12 uniquely overpowered characters to unlock, Smashy Brick packs a ton of features into a single free package you can simply download and enjoy.

With a minimal number of ads, a well-balanced level system, and a wonderful In-Game Tutorial(!), yes a wonderful in-game tutorial – how nerdy – this is the perfect game to satisfy your nerdy nostalgic needs.

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The Conclusion

Are you a nerdy mobile gamer in need of a super modernized version of Breakout with glowing graphics, an ultra simple control system and a bunch of super cute characters?

Why not give Smashy Brick a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following


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