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The best modern top down shooter?


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Sky Force Reloaded by Infinite Dreams; The best modern top down shooter?

This is amazing! Just 3 days ago we reviewed what may be “The best retro style top down shooter” for your smartphone, Space 8-bit. Today we’ve found its equal and opposite, a super “modern” arcade style top down shooter for your smartphone…

Sky Force Reloaded is incredible. Though the actual game (i.e.) controls, graphics, UI design, isn’t all that different to other high end top down shooters, the story is completely different.

With Sky Force Reloaded you are actually told a little about why you are shooting at the enemies that fly at you. Although creating a storyline to go with your game is one of the basics of game development a lot of the time most of the story lives in the App Store description and is never implemented into the finished product. With Sky Force Reloaded it’s a different story😉

Without giving away too much of the game, in Sky Force Reloaded you start off as a professional fighter pilot that is unfortunately shot down by a new enemy weapon, requiring you to start over from square one (i.e.) rebuilding your ship…

Luckily for both you and your pilot, the “Stars” required to buy upgrades for your ship are pretty much given away meaning upgrading your ship shouldn’t be too hard.

Lastly if you’re wondering about the controls, Sky Force Reloaded is played using a simple touch and drag system making game play simple and enjoyable. No annoying tiny joysticks!

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The Conclusion

If you’re a fan of top down shooters and don’t already know about Sky Force Reloaded, you seriously need to check this game out.

According to the Infinite Dreams Team, “It may be the last shoot’em up you will ever play!”

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