Skiing Yeti Mountain – A hair raisingly chilly Skiing mystery…

Skiing Yeti Mountain by Featherweight Games - Review


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Skiing Yeti Mountain by Featherweight Games

Do you love skiing? If so, you’ve probably noticed just how wrong it feels playing skiing games on a smartphone… normally…

Skiing Yeti Mountain is probably the best feeling (control wise) mobile skiing game we’ve ever seen. If you just love skiing, this is a game we really recommend you take a look at. Using a slightly modified joystick system, your mission in this game is to ski down the side of a snowy mountain in search of a Yeti (Thus the name Skiing “Yeti” Mountain).

Unfortunately(?) most of the time you aren’t chasing – or being chased by – a Yeti, but are instead battling the clock to get to the bottom of a snowy hill in the shortest time possible. Along the way you are required to maneuver around checkpoints and avoid trees, deep snow, ice, and much more.

If you know a little about skiing, Skiing Yeti Mountain is basically a Slalom Skiing game riddled with a few mysterious twists that may just keep you awake at night 😱  The perfect way to make a “mobile skiing game” give you a cold shudder…

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The Conclusion

If you’d love to ski in dangerous places, like off the edge of cliffs, through snow covered forests, and maybe even down the edge of a mountain where everyone you meet seems to mysteriously vanish, this is the game for you…😰

The download link to this hair raising skiing game is just below…💀

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