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As a game developer, searching for people who are interested in checking out and (potentially) reviewing your game is actually kind of difficult. At Edamame Reviews we are on a quest to create the ultimate review submission form for both game developers and game reviewers.

By signing up, you will receive review requests (press-releases) directly from the developers of brand new games for both iOS and Android right into your inbox. Although you will not be spammed, you will receive a lot of games so please provide us with an email address we can send a lot of games to without disrupting your daily life.

Whether or not you choose to feature the games we send you is 100% up to you. If you like the game you can review it, organize a giveaway with the developer, or anything else you may come up with. It is totally up to you – and 100% Free!

Some things you are not permitted to do include – on-sell the information we provided you to any 3rd parties, automatically add the email addresses of developers to your mailing list or anything else that puts our user’s personal data at risk.

Whether you’re an established game reviewer, or just a newbie starting out, joining our service will help you kick-start your journey as an influencer.

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※ We need a minimum of 100 influencers before we can start giving out games!

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