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Would you like to receive premium games for iOS or Android without paying a cent? Well, that is precisely what we are offering you. Sound crazy? Well, it actually isn’t.

So that review sites like Edamame Reviews don’t go broke downloading every new premium game in existence, iOS and Android developers are given roughly 100 to 500 codes which can be used to download their premium games as well as unlock in-game items and content 100% free of charge!

Sadly, after the initial stages of promotion, most of these codes go to waste, never bringing any joy to anyone…

By signing up below, you are giving us permission¬†to send you free games on behalf of the developers who created them. If you’re worried this won’t benefit the developer, don’t worry. The more active players a game has the better!

So that the codes we send are actually used, we will often send the same code to multiple different users, so you’ll need to be quick if you don’t want to miss out!