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Save The Line by Dollar Beach; An insanely difficult game you’ll either love or hate…

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Do you like Coriander? Yes, that disgusting green salad vegetable nobody should ever be forced to eat… Oh, wait? You actually like it? Sorry about that, we should have known… Save The Line by Dollar Beach is a game similar to Coriander in the sense that “People who love this game will really love it”, otherwise you’ll probably hate it…

Save the line is a game based on protecting a line that stretches horizontally across your screen. This one line is probably one of the most helpless and vulnerable creatures we’ve ever seen in a game. If it is so much as touched by an object, it will instantly “Die” thus, “Game Over…”

Your mission in this game – you guessed it -, is to protect this helpless yellow line for just 20 seconds. You do this by either dragging your line up and down the screen, or by tapping anywhere on the screen in order to instantly warp to that position.

With these “super powers” you may think playing this game should be easy. It’s not, in fact it’s so hard, our whole team combined is still stuck on level 4/40… Unbelievable…

Though we haven’t quite gotten to the “harder” levels, the different types of objects found in just the lower levels such as, dropping objects (objects that fall down the screen), guided objects (objects that continually follow your line), and constant objects (objects that move in a set pattern), all combined make playing this game almost impossible.

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The Conclusion

If you don’t like hard games, this game – though very simple – isn’t the game for you. If however, you’re like most of our gamer friends who find difficult challenges awesome, this is a game you need to have on your device.


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