Rush Fight – The “simplest” fighting game ever?

Rush Fight by Ekaterina Vdovenko - Review



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Rush Fight by Ekaterina Vdovenko

Rush Fight, virtual 3D brawling at its simplest. Have you always been a devoted fan of 3D fighting games? If so, we may have just found something awesome!

Rush Fight is a super simple 3D fighting game with some of the coolest moves you’ll ever see! Set on a 2D platform made up of 3D graphics, your mission in this game is to beat up an insane number of enemies that charge in at you from both sides of the stage by tapping on either the left or right sides of the screen of your device.

Now, normally this would be about the right time for non-action gamers to leave this review and go find a different game. Rush Fight though is a little different, in fact it may actually be a mistake to even consider Rush Fight an action fighter game!

Rush Fight is probably best described as a speedy action movie filmed in short 0.5 second clips where you decide who gets punched next. Each time you tap on the screen of your device your player will either punch left or right and time will move forward by around 0.5 seconds or so. This means that if you mess up the direction in which you punch, “SMASH”-“GAME OVER”, but as long as you tap in the right direction you can easily look like a FIGHTING GAME MASTER!

On top of this, the 2D/3D graphics, and clean animations make watching this game almost more awesome than playing it.

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The Conclusion

With awesome battle scenes, clean 3D graphics, numerous characters and weapons to choose from, and best of all the simplest fighting game battle system in the world, this is a fighting game recommendable to anyone!

Want to put your fighting skills to the test? The download link is just below😉

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