RotatingBrave – The pixelated adventure you’ve been waiting for!

by Tissue_Tube - Review

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RotatingBrave by Tissue_Tube

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

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If you are a fan of super high-end pixel art, today we’ve got a game that is probably best described as a form of pixel art you can play! Set in a beautifully designed pixelated dungeon, your mission in this game is to slash past countless enemies in an attempt to do something(?) …we’re not exactly sure what the objective is yet…

Starting with the brilliant, RotatingBrave features a not so new or original set of on-screen controls which are used to move your player left and right as well as jump and slash enemies. (Not bad, but pretty normal😕) As you make your way through each dungeon, you will be required to rotate your phone depending on the current landscape of the dungeon you are in, not only changing your perspective but also the way in which you use the simple controls you are given to play the game. (Very Original😆)

With hidden stores – you can quite literally drop into in order and buy items to power up your player – and a few checkpoints – that don’t save your progress but give you extra health and a few small snippets of story – RotatingBrave is a full-on mobile dungeon exploration game with only 2 real weaknesses that we are aware of.

The first is the limited storyline. Similar to Star Knight – a game we reviewed almost 3 years ago – the storyline isn’t exactly well explained. Although the actual game itself doesn’t seem to rest too heavily on the story, so it doesn’t really matter, we had (and still have) no idea why we are fighting the enemies in the game.

The second weakness is a little more important for those of us who aren’t exactly brilliant at playing video games. With no option (that we are aware of) to power-up your player’s base stats – such as purchasing armor, a better sword, etc – RotatingBrave seems to rely fairly heavily on players actually becoming more skillful as they play through each level. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t as skillful as we would like to be, meaning we would eventually get stuck somewhere in the game and most likely give up.

Other than these two points, RotatingBrave is an awesome looking game with a visual aesthetic and soundtrack that reminds us of the popular Anime Sword Art Online. With exciting boss battles, a minimal number of Ads, and countless enemies to slash your way through, RotatingBrave is an awesome action-packed dungeon adventure game we only found minimal points to complain about! 👍

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The Conclusion

Overall, RotatingBrave is an amazing looking game we expect most players will enjoy – and pixel art fans will fall in love with! Much as we would love an option to power up our player, for highly skilled players, RotatingBrave pretty much gives you everything you need to play like a pro from the very moment you download it.

It shouldn’t take long for players with skill to fall in love with this game…😉

Want to give RotatingBrave a try? The download link is just below.📲
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