Punch All You Can with Rockabilly Beatdown!

by Rumblecade, the developers of Rockabilly Beatdown


Rockabilly Beatdown

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Punch it up, Daddy-O!

You’ve heard of endless runners? Rockabilly Beatdown is an endless puncher! Everything coming at you can be punched– and punches back. It’s simple, addicting, and is a heck of a way to let off some steam. The more you punch, the longer you survive, and the higher your final score. The super moves, special pick-ups, tricksy enemy modifiers, and giant bosses keep you on your toes across a slew of different levels and landscapes. The game was designed for quick-but-satisfying play sessions, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself in “the zone” and end up with a marathon punching run for the record books!

Rockabilly Beatdown

Pixel Art and Punching

Rockabilly Beatdown is a tribute to some of the great beat-em-ups of the 8-bit and 16-bit era, but with gameplay styled around what mobile players are already familiar with. Classic brawlers like Streets of Rage, River City Ransom, Kung-Fu Master, and Final Fight were an inspiration for the game’s endless punching among the infinite spawning enemies. As a developer, Rumblecade has a deep affection for pixel art and its artists have a long history creating pixel art for games. The animation, sprite FX, and parallax scrolling were created with a nostalgic eye, yet still take advantage of sensibilities expected of modern games.

Rockabilly Beatdown

Growing Over Time

Since its initial release, Rockabilly Beatdown has added tons of new content and features. Many of these ideas came from actual players; Rumblecade listened closely to feedback and incorporated features and fixes directly because of what players wanted. The game does offer in-app purchases for even more heroes and levels, but they are completely optional to players. However, each Hero Pack comes not only with an awesome new hero, but new levels that include their own unique enemies and bosses— it’s a lot of content and it’s important to Rumblecade to offer good value for the price! The core game still includes many opportunities to unlock additional content like heroes, bonus levels, and costumes. Rockabilly Beatdown just released its third update, with more surprises to come for all the punching ahead! Rumblecade will continue to add fixes, translation, and other improvements to Rockabilly Beatdown even while working on new titles for future fun!

Rockabilly Beatdown

Come on and Rumble!

So how many punches can you throw? A hundred… a thousand? Hop into Rockabilly Beatdown and give it a go! You wanna get social? Follow Rumblecade on Twitter @Rumblecade.


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