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A quick review of GastroBots by RGB Game Studios the developer of Chase & Hunt.

If you’re looking for some good old space cowboy meets arcade town kind of fun, this game is your thing! Through GastroBots, XMG Studios brings in the visual culture of brightly coloured diners and delis along with some jazzy tunes that take you back to the 70s and the early 80s.

The interactive menu screen takes the gastro-”robot” off in his space rocket from planet to planet in order to wrangle animals. Each delectable planet has 10 levels where he builds fences to round up his animals and earn points or ‘bits’. Each level is built with unique mission objectives and timelines. The faster you complete, the more bonuses you can collect.

Keeping with its arcade theme, you can spin for boosts on the prize-o-matic or take a selfie in a photo booth after you’ve styled your robot with a wide range of character upgrades available at their store. The game’s in-app purchases allow you to buy bux or watch a video in order to collect these boosts and upgrades. The wide range of iconic characters and customization options bring some novelty to the seemingly endless puzzle format of the game. Overall, a dose of fun quicker than chomping on a plate of fries or sipping an ice cream shake!


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