Platform Panic – A game we wish we knew about sooner…!

Platform Panic by Nitrome - Review


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Platform Panic by Nitrome

Platform Panic isn’t a new game. Released back in 2014, we are probably going to be one of the last review sites on the web to feature this 3-year-old game in 2017. …and so, this is our super late review of Platform Panic…

Platform Panic is an amazing game! Featuring a fully pixelated retro design, this game has the same look and feel as the classic Megaman games we used to play on our chunky gaming consoles, only slightly modified to work on modern mobile devices.

Played using a simple “Swipe-Based” control system which allows you to change directions and jump all using a few simple swipe gestures, saying that this game is easy to play is an understatement. Unfortunately, the game is 3-years-old and so…

If you think a game is bad just because it was released 3-years-ago, you are mistaken! Featuring a continually changing level design, Platform Panic constantly hits you with something new and unpredictable, forcing you to re-think your strategy every time you restart the game.

Unfortunately, just like any game, Platform Panic will eventually get old and you will probably want to move on to something else. Even so, this game is still far more enjoyable than pretty much all of the ultra-simple games we’ve seen this year.

The only platform game released this year we can all agree is 100% better than Platform Panic is Flat Pack, which was funnily enough also released by Nitrome…

The Conclusion

If you’re after a game practically built on nostalgia. Platform Panic is one is the simplest, best looking, and coincidentally most nostalgic platformer games you can currently get on your smartphone! …that we are aware of…

Want to give Platform Panic a try? The download link is just below.
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  • Intuitiveness 9
  • Addictiveness 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Price 10