Plain Escape – Relax, Stay Cool, and try not to Panic!!!

Plain Escape by Tiny Games & SmallBigSquare - Review


Plain Escape

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Plain Escape by Tiny Games & SmallBigSquare

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

If skill and timing aren’t exactly your thing, yet you are addicted to that surge of adrenaline you feel when you find yourself caught up in a difficult situation, today we’ve got a casual bouncer/runner game you’ll definitely want to check out!

Plain Escape is a game about an unfortunate 3D shape that seems to be caught up in some sort of digital apocalypse. (Perhaps this is what is actually happening when Photoshop crashes on your old PC?) Whatever is going on, it is your mission in this game to guide your player past deadly obstacles until you eventually mess up and GAME OVER…👾

Played by either tapping on the left side of your screen in order to move one block to the left, or on the right side in order to move one block to the right, Plain Escape is definitely one of the easier games to play control wise. However, when it comes to actually surviving in this game, things take a sharp turn toward “Pure-Impossibleness!”

As you may have figured from our description of the controls above, your player is constantly moving at a diagonal toward you, and the Stage (or Plain) your player rests on is also constantly expanding and growing just as fast as it is crumbling behind you…

Because there often isn’t a visible stage only a few blocks ahead of your player, it is incredibly important that you think about the moves you make “before” you begin wildly tapping on the screen of your device, although this is much easier said than done considering just how many obstacles you are dealing with…

Overall we have only one complaint about this game. When first playing the game the 2D/3D style graphics can be a little tricky to get your head around making it difficult to see exactly where your player is on the stage and where you should go next. Although it doesn’t take long for you to get used to the graphics, there may be some players that give up before they have the chance to fully appreciate this game.

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The Conclusion

If you’re after a game where calm nerves and snappy yet accurate decision making are the keys to success, Plain Escape is another great game we recommend you check out.

Remember, whatever you do, Don’t Panic!

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  • Intuitiveness 7
  • Addictiveness 7
  • Graphics 7
  • Price 10

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