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Pixel People by Chillingo - Review



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Pixel People by Chillingo

If the thought of cloning people, developing space colonies, and genetically modifying humans terrifies you, today we’ve got a game you really won’t want to play…

Pixel People is a game about a small space colony fitted with all the essentials you need to create a fully functional clone army! Set in some remote corner of space, your mission in this game is to clone/genetically modify(?) newcomers to your city in order to create humans with all the traits needed to run a healthy space colony. Pure horror(!), depending on how you think about it…😱

Now, without being silly, Pixel People is actually a surprisingly similar game to older versions of SimCity in how players are required to create, layout, develop, and maintain their very own virtual city.

Although Pixel People doesn’t feature a super realistic gameplay system like in more modern versions of SimCity, it does allow players to choose when and where to build things, how to lay things out, and most importantly the ability to clone and modify residents!

If you enjoy being in charge of absolutely everything while still only checking up on how things are progressing every once in a while, Pixel People is pretty much a game that was designed for you! Although almost all your buildings seem to stop producing cash after long periods of time, as far as we know your residents won’t starve to death so you shouldn’t have all that much to worry about…

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The Conclusion

With nice pixel graphics, a mid to high level of functionality, and a gameplay system that doesn’t seem to force players to reschedule their lives around maintaining a virtual city, Pixel People is a game most players who like being in charge should really enjoy.

Want to give Pixel People a try? The download link is just below😉

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