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Paper Wings by Fil Games - Review



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Paper Wings by Fil Games

Are you a fan of the way a lot of the web is shifting toward a simpler, more streamlined and minimal design? …well, it turns out games are changing as well, and when done nicely, the results are almost magical.✨

Paper Wings is a minimalist game with a design you simply can’t help but admire. Set in a world that almost looks like a work of Origami Art, your mission in this game is to collect coins that slowly fall from the sky above before they land in the lake below.

Played using a set of extremely functional (Touch Controls) to change the angle and/or direction in which your player – an Origami Bird – travels, Paper Wings is an extremely graceful game to play due to the game’s physics-based gameplay system and beautiful graphics. That is until things start getting chaotic…! 😵

As you progress through the game more and more coins will drop from the sky together with a new kind of Red Coin you definitely won’t want to collect, making the game harder and harder to play in a “graceful manner”…

With plenty of features and birds to unlock, plus a multiplayer mode we couldn’t quite figure out, Paper Wings is a beautiful new game you’ll struggle not to fall in love with.

The Conclusion

Got room for just one more minimalist game on your smartphone? If so, Paper Wings is a game every fan of the new minimalist game design needs to take a look at.

Want to give Paper Wings a try? The download link is just below😉

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