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Panic Match by Arch Creative - Review


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Panic Match by Arch Creative

All game developers know that there is a minimum level of “quality” that is required when making a game. Of course this level of quality changes depending on what type of game you are making but the fact that there is one never changes.

Panic Match is a game you may expect to find in a preschool somewhere, just with a quality level 350% higher than any preschools minimum requirements! Quality wise, this game is like using a rolex to teach kids how to read the time. Completely unnecessary but awesome none the less!

Panic Match is a very simple game. Players are required to tap on an object that has a matching pair out of a collection of abstract non-matching items.

Although extremely simple, and not really the type of game we’d expect a bunch of teenagers to go out and play together, the sheer game quality almost blew us away when we first saw the game!

If you happen to work at a daycare or kindy and need something to entertain a bunch of 5 year olds, this is no doubt the best game we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews to date!

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The Conclusion

If you’d like to remember what it was like to be a 5 year old – unlikely – this is the game for you!

If not, Panic Match would make an awesome distraction for when you are suddenly attacked by your uncle’s kids and need a minute to make a speedy getaway!

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