Painter Patty – a Fresh Take on the Arcade Platformer

by Hedgefrog Software LLC - The developers of Painter Patty

Painter Patty


Experience a modern take on the classic arcade platformer genre in “Painter Patty”, a new and free game available for Android devices. Help Patty rescue her kidnapped friend by traversing 20 colorful stages with countless beautifully animated opponents.


It was one of those days where nothing seemed to go as expected for Patty, a house painter with superhuman abilities. When she arrived at work she noticed that her best friend, Izzy, was missing. Even worse, she soon realized that Izzy had been kidnapped by Patty’s evil sister, Snotty. Without hesitation, Patty set out to rescue her friend and to teach Snotty a lesson. However, she knew that the task was not an easy one: Snotty is an evil genius and her helpers are seemingly everywhere. This is where you jump in. Can Patty count on you to help her on her dangerous quest?

Painter Patty

What is Special about “Painter Patty”

When we set out to make the game that would eventually become “Painter Patty” we wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the well-established genre of arcade platformers. We knew that it needed some adjustments to meet the demands of today’s players.

Most importantly we knew that controls on a phone or a tablet are very different to those on other devices. With that in mind we designed them in a way that feels responsive, natural and unintrusive. Our goal was that Patty’s behavior should never be a surprise to the player and that the player should always feel in control.

Second, we realized that today’s hardware allows us to showcase art and animations at a higher fluidity than what was possible even a few years ago. As a result “Painter Patty” features professional, beautifully hand-drawn graphics created by the highly talented and skilled team at Emottoons Studio. The game’s custom engine ensures that the game runs fluidly even on older hardware.

Finally, some of the aspects of classic arcade platformers were dictated by limitations of the hardware they were running on, e.g. the ability to only scroll the screen in one direction or very limited character animations. “Painter Patty” features levels allowing camera movement in any direction, boss characters with complex behaviors and animations, as well as cinematographic cutscenes.

Some additional features are:

  • 8 beautiful, hand-drawn areas with distinct background and foreground elements
  • More than 15 distinct opponent types with unique skills and weaknesses
  • Support for Google Play achievements
  • Support for keyboards and game controllers in addition to the touch controls

Painter Patty

How to Play

The controls in “Painter Patty” are very simple:

  • Use the on-screen keys to run (left or right arrow) and jump (up arrow).
  • You can defeat most opponents by jumping on them. However be careful, some opponents, e.g. the hedgehog cannot be defeated this way!
  • Collect stars for bonus points and extra lives (after collecting 100 stars). Other objects restore your health or let you run faster and jump higher.
  • You can also play the game using a keyboard or a game controller, e.g. when playing on a Chromebook or set-top box.



Painter Patty

About the Developer

Hedgefrog Software LLC is a mobile game developer founded in 2016 in San Jose, California. We are focused on creating original, family-friendly games for mobile phones and tablets. “Painter Patty” is our first game and we have a few others currently in the pre-production stage.

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