Paddle Panic – A game where “you” determine success…!?

Paddle Panic by NORMAN ROZENTAL - Review


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Do you find that even simple games seem to be getting harder and harder? Lately it seems the general consensus among the majority of developers is, “The harder a game is, the more addictive it gets!” …not necessarily.

Paddle Panic is both the hardest game, and the easiest game currently available on The Apple App Store. This game is both “insanely easy”, and “deathly hard”, but the main killer probably isn’t the actual difficulty of the game itself.

The main killer in Paddle Panic is the gambler spirit that resides deep down in every one of us…💀

Paddle Panic is a game about risks, more specifically how much risk you are willing to take.

The game is played using two paddles and a ball that can only ever be one of two colors, Black or White. When the ball is white, you’ll simply be required to switch your paddle’s color to white in order to bounce your ball back to your second paddle.

Now, if this was all that ever happened, Paddle Panic would quickly become rather dull. Luckily this isn’t the case.

As the game progresses, your two paddles will gradually move closer together, shortening the amount of time you have to react between bounces. This in turn increases the number of points you receive each time you successfully complete a bounce, but eventually the game will become so fast it will well-and-truly become impossible… Unless you’re Batman!

When this happens you have the choice to either swipe the screen, sending the paddles back to their original starting positions (Back to safety), or to hold out just a little longer in order to get that mega score!

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The Conclusion

How well do you think you judge risks? Are you the type that plays “All or nothing” or do you like to take smaller risks, minimising your losses, but never really winning big?

How ever you like to play, Paddle Panic is a simple game where your playing style and sense of risk determine your success.

Want to put your playing style to the test? The download link is just below 😉

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