Owl Can’t Sleep – Is This Every Owl’s Nightmare…?

Owl Can't Sleep by Orangenose Studios - Review



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Owl Can’t Sleep by Orangenose Studios

If Don’t Grind is every lunchbox’s worst nightmare, today we’ve got a game every owl living on planet earth won’t want to know about…😓

Owl Can’t Sleep is a game that explains why owls can’t sleep. (If this is what you dream about, how could you ever fall asleep…?) Set in a mystical and magical world filled with fluffy white clouds, floating platforms of soft green grass, and all the orange candy you can eat, this game looks like heaven! …Until you notice the 2 massive walls of spikes sandwiching this small drop of heaven hell…

Played using a simple set of (Tap to Charge, Release to Jump) type controls, your mission in this game is to jump from platform to platform in order to prevent your owl from getting spiked by the spikes below, while also doing your best not to smash into the spikes above…

Although an exceedingly simple game, managing to jump high enough while also staying low enough not to smash into the row of spikes above is actually a surprisingly difficult task to achieve over and over again without fail. Unless you possess an incredible level of skill, you will likely struggle to get a high score any larger than 20‼️

With a set of super cute flat design graphics, an abundance of characters to unlock and a minimal number of ads to obstruct your gameplay, Owl Can’t Sleep is a cute game you will struggle to ever master.

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The Conclusion

Do you think you have what it takes to turn a nightmare into a daydream?
Only time will tell…

Want to give Owl Can’t Sleep a try? The download link is just below😉

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  • Intuitiveness
  • Addictiveness
  • Graphics
  • Price

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