Orbit – Playing with Gravity

Orbit - Playing with Gravity by Chetan Surpur - Review



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Orbit – Playing with Gravity by Chetan Surpur

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at NASA? Well, today we’ve got a beautiful minimalist game where you can do pretty much just that! Or at least, sort of…

In a nutshell, Orbit is a level based game about launching colorful satellites around black holes without getting sucked in, or bumping into already orbiting satellites. Each level is different and will have a completely different number of black holes you will be required to orbit, each with their own levels of gravitational pull, required satellites, etc.

Reading just the description above, Orbit may sound like rocket science, luckily the walkthroughs are brilliant, and once you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing the rest is just trial and error. Yes, you can’t die (i.e. GAME OVER) in Orbit!

The game is actually played in a similar fashion to Angry Birds in that all you are required to do in order to launch a satellite is, touch, pull back, aim, and release. Super simple.

“Orbit – Playing with Gravity” …the best app description ever?

Lastly, the minimalist graphics in Orbit make playing this game a joy to anyone who finds beauty in simplicity.

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The Conclusion

If you’d like a game that simply allows you to play, no deaths, no Game Overs, then this is the game for you. With beautiful minimalist graphics, simple physics based gameplay, and plenty of levels to keep you entertained, Orbit is a game you seriously need to try.

Want to give Orbit a try? The download link is just below 😉

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