One Way Puzzle – Flow minus all the colours…

One Way Puzzle by Glopa Inc. - Review



One Way Puzzle by Glopa Inc.

One Way Puzzle

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

For the second time this month, were you a fan of the popular game Flow when it was the hottest puzzle game on the market? If so, today we’ve got a game that can practically be described as, “Flow minus all the colors.”

If you remove the color matching aspect from the popular game Flow, you are left with a game centered pretty much around filling up a grid with a single given color, and that is basically what One Way Puzzle is, just with a few small twists…

Instead of featuring a number of “Different Sized” grids, (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, etc.), One Way Puzzle features a number of “Different Shaped” grids which gradually make it more and more difficult for you to fill in the entire board with just a single line. Although this may sound difficult at first, after playing through a few levels, you’ll soon figure out how things work.

As the shapes begin to increase in size and in complexity, the game does eventually become more challenging, however, unlike Flow where you could never really see an obvious answer from the start, (unless you’re playing level 1), there are a few giveaway hints in One Way Puzzle you will soon figure out. Honestly, we don’t expect anyone to have to puzzle over a level for longer than 5 minutes in order to find a solution.

With a simplistic 2D design, not too many ads depending on how fast you solve each puzzle, (i.e. We were solving 3-4 puzzles every 30-40 seconds meaning we had to watch an ad every 30-40 seconds…😅), and over 2,000 levels for you to puzzle though, this game is going to last you quite a while, even if you can solve 3-4 puzzles every 30-40 seconds!

3-4 Puzzles Every 30-40 Seconds ≈ 1 Puzzle Every 10 Seconds.
2,000 Puzzles x 10 Seconds Per-Puzzle ≈ 20,000 Seconds ≈ 333 Minutes ≈ 5.5 Hours!

This game is going to last you a while…😉

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The Conclusion

One Way Puzzle isn’t exactly your standard puzzle game. So long as you have a slightly logical brain, you should be able to figure out the solutions to most of the puzzles in this game without having too much trouble.

However, with 2,000 puzzles for you to conquer, this game is going to be quite a challenge even if the puzzles aren’t too difficult…

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  • Intuitiveness 8
  • Addictiveness 7
  • Graphics 7
  • Price 10
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