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One More Line by SMG Studio; one of those games that make you just want to play One More Time…

“Ahh, come on! I’m so going to win next time!” Ever thought or said this? Well, it’s a phrase used almost daily at Edamame Reviews. One More Line by SMG Studio is one of those games you just can’t put down, and with very few ads to get in your way, this game is more of a time stealer than a time killer…

Starting off with a rounded arrow like object that acts as your player, your mission is to redirect your player up the screen as far as possible before smashing into one of the numerous points scattered across the screen, or colliding headlong into one of the walls that line the sides of the screen.

By touching the screen a line or laser will fire and connect to the closest point to your player allowing you to swing around the point, a little like orbiting a planet. When spinning it is pretty easy to swing right out of the screen, luckily this is OK, and the walls that line the sides of your screen do not come into effect while in orbit, unfortunately the point’s don’t follow these rules, and colliding with a one of these is still fatal.

As you may have noticed from the video, or from the screenshots below, this game is beautiful. Constantly streaming behind your player are 3 colors that show where you’ve been. This feature is completely unnecessary and doesn’t effect the actual  gameplay in any way, even so this small feature turns this simple arcade game into a work of modern art.

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The Conclusion

If you’re in for a game that is both addictive, and beautiful, this game can create exquisite images out of your hours of fun.

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