Oil Tycoon – When will this game be outdated…😅

Oil Tycoon - A Tap City Inc & Idle Clicker Game by Holy Cow Studio - Review



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Oil Tycoon – A Tap City Inc & Idle Clicker Game by Holy Cow Studio

No matter where you live, no matter who you are, no matter what your job or religion, this is a game we can all agree needs to go… What are we talking about? Our clean future of course! ✨

Oil Tycoon is a game we truly hope future generations will find as foreign as Flip-Phones and Cassette Tapes. Set on a flat block of land, your mission in this game is to set up a multi billion dollar oil extracting business all from the palm of your hand. If only making real money was this easy.😅

Featuring a clicker style gameplay system, Oil Tycoon is played in much the same style as every other clicker game we’ve ever reviewed just with oil and money instead of cookies and grandmas.

Centered around creating alliances with neighboring nations, boosting your reputation among locals, and starting new billion dollar mining operations, Oil Tycoon is a surprisingly realistic game, to say the least. Although what you are doing in this game is realistic – for better or for worse – the graphics aren’t exactly realistic.

With a set of very “Game-Like” graphics paired with some slightly stiff animations, Oil Tycoon likely won’t be winning any awards for its visuals… Although this may actually be a good thing, depending on who you’re talking to…

Last but not least, Oil Tycoon doesn’t seem to feature an offline mode which for many players is a necessity. If you are one of these players Oil Tycoon likely isn’t the game for you…

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The Conclusion

With the rise of electric cars, new and exotic forms of renewable energy and who knows what else to come, Oil Tycoon is a game that may not even make sense in the next few years… maybe… hopefully…😅

Quick! Make millions while you can! The download link is just below.😉

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  • Intuitiveness
  • Addictiveness
  • Graphics
  • Price